Discover the Science of Soil Regeneration
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Our In-Depth Training Program is Led by Soil Food Web Pioneer Dr. Elaine Ingham

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    The Soil Food Web Approach
      Farming in Harmony with Nature
      There are so many reasons why conventional ag is not working...
      Farmers spend more and more money each year on fertilizers and on other expensive chemicals to protect their crops against pests and disease, but the results are frustratingly ineffective. Many farmers are realizing that the chemical approach to agriculture is a never-ending story resulting in pollution of our watersheds and the destruction of natural habitats.

      You can help farmers find a way out, with the Soil Food Web Approach. Working in harmony with nature can be a far more cost-effective way to grow crops.

      With our comprehensive online training program and highly skilled mentors led by Dr Elaine Ingham, you can launch a new impactful career today. You can support farmers, ranchers and growers in your region to transition to Regenerative Ag. Helping them to save money AND heal our planet at the same time!
      The SpringBoard+ Offer Includes
      All 4 Foundation Courses:
      FC1: Introduction to the Soil Food Web
      FC2: Making BioCompleteTM Compost
      FC3: Making BioCompleteTM Liquids
      FC4: Microscopy
      Bonus Courses:
      Introduction to Permacuture
      Soil Sponge Regeneration Workshop
      Success Stories
        Meet just a few of the folks who have trained with Dr. Elaine in the past.
        Soil Food Web consultant Miles Sorel reports some of his great results from projects in 4 different countries, including increases in yields as high as 146%.
        In this video Todd Harrington shares his results working with a soy and corn rotation on 10,000 acres, where he saved the farmer over $1M.
        Not a Scientist? Not a Farmer? Not a Problem.
          Our training program has been designed for people with no relevant experience – making it accessible to individuals who wish to retrain and to begin a meaningful and impactful career as Soil Food Web Consultants, Lab-Techs or Biological Compost Producers.
          Sharpen Your Soil Regeneration Skills & Save 47% with Dr. Elaine Ingham's Springboard+ Offer
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