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Meet the Farmers, the Soil Health Professionals and the Microorganisms that are regenerating our soils!
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Webinar Series Overview

Dr Elaine Ingham will be joined by Farmers and Soil Food Web Professionals who’ll be sharing their success stories
Natural Farming

Do you want to be part of the movement that is changing the way we interact with our planet?

The Soil Food Web Approach is a proven, scientific and holistic method that can rapidly kickstart soil health, by restoring the soil biome – that’s the diverse community of microorganisms found in healthy soils around the world. The Soil Food Web Approach has been used successfully on 6 continents, on numerous crops and on both small and large scales.

In this 4-part webinar series you’ll:

  • Meet the Farmers: Watch 2 amazing Case Studies presented by Farmers who are making the transition to regenerative ag.
  • Meet the Microbes: Take a look under the microscope at some of the beneficial microorganisms that should be under your feet
  • Meet the Soil Health Professionals who are out there supporting Farmers to make a smooth transition to Regenerative Ag.
  • Learn what Healthy Soil is, how it functions and how it benefits the whole planet. You may also be inspired to join the movement!

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Session Details

Each session in this 4-part series is LIVE, INTERACTIVE & FREE!
Become a Soil Health Expert

Understanding Soil Health

Jan 11, 2023

We’ll be taking a close look at how soil microorganisms form symbiotic relationships with plants, offering nutrients and protection, in return for foods that the plant releases into the soil from its roots. These relationships have existed for billions of years and without them, the plant is deficient in nutrients and susceptible to pests.

You’ll learn how the Soil Food Web Approach, a scientific and holistic method, can be used to kickstart the health of any soil in a matter of months!

We’ll also be taking a look under the microscope at some of the microorganisms that can be found in a healthy soil biome.

Using Beneficial Fungi to Kickstart Your Soil Health

The Soil Food Web Community

Jan 18, 2023

Meet some of the people who have trained with Dr. Elaine Ingham and who are out there helping farmers and ranchers to make a smooth transition to regenerative agriculture, by working with nature’s essential workforce of subterranean helpers – the beneficial microorganisms that make-up the Soil Food Web.

We’ll be joined by Soil Food Web Consultants, Compost Producers and Lab-Techs who work with farmers on a variety of crops and at small and large scale.

If you are thinking about joining the movement, this is the webinar for you!

How Healthy Soil Works

Soil Health Success Story: Market Garden, California

Jan 26, 2023

Soil Food Web Consultant, Brian Vagg and his client, farmer Jenn Sirp, will be presenting this inspiring, market garden case study, where they reported combating tomato mosaic virus, and blossom end rot in tomatoes.

Soil Health Success Stories

Soil Health Success Story: Grass Valley Farm, Montana

Jan 31, 2023

Soil Food Web Consultant Casey Ernst and his client Cory Miller of Grass Valley Farms, Montana, will be presenting this exciting case study. Cory produces high quality hay for local horse stables and hobby farms. He has been applying biological compost extracts (made using compost from Catalyst BioAmendments) on his 3,000 acre operation.

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