Rescuing Mother Earth
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 with Sadhguru, John D. Liu, Dr. Elaine Ingham & more!
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Webinar Series Overview
    Join Sadhguru, John D. Liu, Dr. Elaine Ingham & the Soil Foodweb School LIVE as we explore how to repair the damage that humans have done and secure a sustainable future for the environment
    It’s the UN Decade on Ecosystem restoration and people all over the world are mobilizing to take action for the sake of their children and themselves

    If you are feeling the desperate urgency posed by the current ecological crisis, and if you are looking for a way in which you can help to secure our ecosystem for future generations, this inspiring, interactive webinar series is for you!
    Session Details
      Each session in this 4-part series is LIVE, INTERACTIVE & FREE!
      Building Your Career in Regenerative Eco & Ag
      Dr. Ingham & Soil Foodweb School
      July 28, 2022
      Discover how you can make a huge impact on the world around you by training in Ecosystem Restoration and the Soil Food Web approach. You’ll get to interact with a group of people who are out there making the change happen! There are several paths to follow each leading to a rewarding and impactful career.
      You CAN do something you love, help to save the world AND make a living too!

      How to Save Our Soils & Ecosystems
      Sadhguru, John D. Liu, & Dr. Ingham
      Replay Available
      This is the MAIN EVENT!

      This amazing panel of inspiring pioneers will be discussing the global movement that is needed to rescue our environment from impending destruction. Holistic solutions exist which can be applied anywhere in the world to support the recovery of the natural environment. It’s not too late, and people all over the world are coming together to make this happen! Come along and discover how you can be part of the change that we all desperately need. 

      Accelerating Soil & Ecosystem Restoration
      Dr. Ingham & Ecosystem Restoration Camps
      Replay Available
      Dr Elaine Ingham will be joined by some of the folks who are working on Ecosystem Restoration projects and they’ll be discussing how the process works and how the Soil Food Web Approach can be used to ensure success. The soil biome can be repaired at the start of a regeneration project and this can accelerate the process. Using Dr Elaine’s microscopy technique, you can monitor the soil biome, tracking changes weekly, which will enable you to compare the effectiveness of different strategies that you may be experimenting with. If the soil biome responds well to a particular strategy, this is a strong indication that plants and the rest of the ecosystem will flourish, because the soil biome underpins the entire ecosystem.  
      Ecosystem Restoration Case Studies
      Dr. Ingham & friends
      Replay Available
      We'll explore a number of Ecosystem Restoration projects from around the world.

      Please join us to discover how large areas of land can be restored, reversing the damage done by humanity.

      There really is hope! Come along and get inspired to join the movement.

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