Farming with Fungi
Wednesday, November 30, 2022 @ 11AM Pacific Time
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Webinar Overview
    Join us as we dig deep into the Fungal Kingdom and explain how these amazing organisms are key to a healthy soil food web and regenerative agriculture. 
    Photo: Credit Kyle Kaszynski. Microscopic view beneficial fungus from 'fungally enriched' compost at 400x total magnification. Also in the field of view are testate amoebae, mineral particles and organic debris.
    Photo: Credit Kyle Kaszynski. Filamentous fungi isolated from compost materials and then grown on sterile grains to expand biomass and propagules.
    Kyle Kaszynski will begin his talk with the facts about fungi, the characteristics they share with other kingdoms, and the traits that make them unique. Then he will explore the ecological roles fungi fill in soil ecosystems, in composting systems, and in direct interactions with plants. Kyle also will cover different methods for working with and measuring fungi, and  will share his thoughts on the future of farming with fungi. This webinar will spread the spores of knowledge about these cryptic and often underappreciated organisms, amplifying practical ways regenerative agriculture practitioners can collaborate with the Fungal Kingdom.

    About our Panelists:

    Kyle Kaszynski began his academic career by studying plant biology and chemistry at Southern Illinois University, where he was able to participate in a number of different research opportunities. From there he traveled north to Wisconsin to study mycology with the famed professor Dr. Tom Volk. Falling in love with the biodiversity of the PNW, Kyle moved to Oregon after graduation to pursue a career in the Cannabis industry. He has since co-founded a consulting company, Mycophyte Solutions, and is co-authoring ‘The Mycology of Cannabis’ which is expected to be published in mid-2023. Since moving to Oregon, Kyle has worked for a number of fertilizer companies and has been certified by the American Society of Agronomy as a Certified Crop Advisor and  by the Soil Food Web School as a Certified Lab Tech. Currently, he actively consults with Cannabis farmers, helping them grow their crop by incorporating sustainable practices. Kyle regularly also works with mushroom farmers across the country and with landowners in the PNW to utilize the benefits of fungi to improve the ecosystem.

    Dr. Adam Cobb's passion for agriculture emerged during his several months of volunteer work on organic farms in New Zealand. His time in graduate school cultivated a broad vision for the restoration of living soils, as well as the power of research and community engagement to address global food production challenges. After completing his PhD at Oklahoma State University, Adam spent five years as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow and University Instructor. He joined the Soil Food Web School in 2021, following his dream to help regenerate soils, improve human nutrition, and heal our planet.

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