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Mother Nature Is Hurting.
    Please watch this video to discover what we can do about it...
    We're on a mission to heal Mother Earth & help land owners adopt science-based, regenerative methods
    Since 2019 the Soil Food Web School has been providing training to individuals and organizations around the world, empowering them to rapidly regenerate the soils in their communities using Dr. Elaine Ingham’s holistic and scientific methods. Some of our students are farmers or agronomists and some have no industry background whatsoever - they are ordinary people who want to make an impact. Many of these people recognize that they can do this by obtaining the skills necessary to work with farmers in their local area, supporting them to make the transition to regenerative agriculture, using the Soil Food Web Approach.

    Today the Soil Food Web School is entering a new & very exciting chapter...

    We are deeply honored to be partnering with Ecosystem Restoration Camps to develop a series of new courses designed to help our students make an even bigger impact. The Introduction to Ecosystem Restoration is designed to give our students a better understanding of ecological principles and how ecosystems can be restored at scale. Coupled with the Soil Food Web Approach, this is a powerful combination that will maximize the impact our graduates can have on the earth and, for many, in their new careers within the regenerative ag movement.

    We are incredibly excited about this new opportunity to be of service to Mother Earth, and we hope you will consider joining the movement to save our soils and ecosystems, wherever you are. You don’t need any prior training or experience, just a passion and a desire to make a difference. 

    You can now take 50% off our brand new training bundle developed in partnership with Ecosystem Restoration Camps!
    The Ecosystem Restoration Bundle Includes
    Soil Food Web Foundation Courses
    • Understand how soil functions as a living organism
    • Learn to repair the soil biome using Dr. Elaine Ingham’s scientific and holistic method
    • Gather beneficial microorganisms, multiply and reapply them to the soil to balance the soil biome
    Introduction to Ecosystem Restoration
    • Study ecological principles and ecosystem restoration techniques
    • Increase biodiversity across the entire ecosystem
    • Repair the small hydrological cycle
    • Measure your impact
    Certified Lab-Tech Program
    • Identify and quantify the 4 key groups of microorganisms that make a soil biome functional
    • Measure the impact of different strategies you are experimenting with so you know what is going to work for your situation
    • Track changes in the soil biome over time
    • Assess the quality of your compost and liquids before you apply them
    Introduction to Permaculture Course
    • Study the principles of permaculture
    • Learn how this powerful design tool can be applied to almost any context
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